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本文摘要:Lenovo, the largest seller of personal computers, is spurning what Yang Yuanqing, chairman and chief executive, has described as the “so-called new business model” of content-subsidised hardware that has taken China by storm, and will stic


Lenovo, the largest seller of personal computers, is spurning what Yang Yuanqing, chairman and chief executive, has described as the “so-called new business model” of content-subsidised hardware that has taken China by storm, and will stick with devices.全球仅次于的个人计算机销售商误解(Lenovo),正在抛弃被其董事长兼任首席执行官杨元庆称作用内容补贴设备的“所谓的新业务模式”,将专心于设备。Speaking yesterday, Mr Yang said Lenovo — which has made the jump into smartphones — would focus on developing devices with voice recognition.杨元庆昨日在公开发表讲话时回应,已乘机进占智能手机业务的误解,将致力于研发具备语音辨识功能的设备。

The strategy, designed to carry the company into the post-smartphone era, is a test of Lenovo’s ability to evolve from its roots as the grandfather of China tech — it was founded in 1984 — to a landscape ruled by nimbler, rapidly developing rivals.该战略目的将误解带进后智能手机时代,它将考验创立于1984年的误解作为中国科技行业一家元老级公司,能否适应环境由更加灵活性和较慢发展的竞争对手主导的环境?Upstart Xiaomi, for example, last year became the largest seller of smartphones in China, based on a savvy internet-first marketing strategy and using content to sell phones.例如,利用聪明的互联网优先营销策略,并利用内容来销售手机,手机富二代小米去年沦为中国智能手机销量最低的公司。Lenovo executives privately chafe at the comparison, but the numbers illustrate the new order. Based on its last funding round, Xiaomi is worth $45bn — roughly three times Lenovo’s market capitalisation — despite the fact that it has less than one-third of the PC maker’s sales.误解高管私下里对这种对比深感反感,但数据说明了了新秩序。按照最近一轮的融资,小米的估值超过450亿美元,差不多是误解市值的3倍,尽管其销售额严重不足误解的三分之一。

“We’re going to show the world that innovation still matters,” Mr Yang said in an interview with the Financial Times at Lenovo’s inaugural Tech World expo in Beijing, where it unveiled a new logo.误解在北京举办了首届“误解科技创新大会”(Lenovo Tech World),并在会上公布了新的标识。杨元庆在会上拒绝接受英国《金融时报》专访时回应:“我们将向全世界指出,创意仍至关重要。”“This is particularly important in China, where all the players are just focusing on the so-called new business model, to use the content and services to subsidise hardware.“它在中国特别是在最重要。在中国,所有公司只是探讨于所谓的新业务模式,用于内容和服务来补贴硬件。

”“We will tell the market and the world that this is not the only thing you should be focusing on. We should still focus on innovation, we should still focus on technology.”“我们将告诉他市场乃至世界,这不是你应当探讨的唯一事情。我们仍应当探讨于创意,我们仍应当探讨于技术”。

Lenovo, which announced results last week, missed fiscal-year profit targets on the back of softening smartphone sales, and took its first tentative steps into the new era when it launched its first “wearable” internet device, a fitness band, in January.误解上周公布了财报,由于智能手机销售不欠佳,该公司没能构建本财年的利润目标。误解在今年1月公布了一款智能腕带,这是其首款“可穿着”互联网设备,从而向这个新时代试探性地迈进了第一步。However, Mr Yang is candid regarding the fact that the company is still considering how best to tackle the new era following the smartphone boom of the past few years.然而,杨元庆坦白,经过过去几年的智能手机蓬勃发展,该公司仍在考虑到如何最差地应付这个新时代。He was also short on specifics about timing and nature of devices, but cited a five-pronged “smart connectivity” strategy focusing on voice-activated devices, services and access to personal data.他也没透漏发售新款设备的时机和性质,但认为了致力于语音操作者设备、服务以及个人数据提供的5点“智能网络”战略。


Many smartphone makers have begun to emulate the Xiaomi model, as have content producers. Lenovo’s video-streaming company LeTV launched smartphones based on the principle of hardware being a content “gateway”.许多智能手机制造商开始效仿小米模式,内容制作商某种程度如此。误解旗下的视频流公司乐视(LeTV)基于硬件是内容“门户”的原则发售智能手机。Mr Yang cited Amazon’s foray into the device business, as well as Google Nexus phones, to support his scepticism.杨元庆以亚马逊(Amazon)进占设备业务以及谷歌(Google)发售Nexus手机来指出自己的猜测是合理的。

“I don’t think that by now that model [Xiaomi’s] is a proven model,” he said. “They’re still a smartphone company. They’re not a content company.”他说道:“我指出到现在为止(小米的)那种模式还不是经过检验的模式。它们仍是一家智能手机公司,它们不是内容公司。”He added that Lenovo had learned some lessons.他补足称之为,误解已吸取了一些教训。

“When the internet becomes more and more popular, we must pay attention to how to leverage the internet to transform our business model. Lenovo is definitely also working on that.“当互联网更加风行的时候,我们必需推崇如何利用互联网改变我们的业务模式。误解认同也在这方面希望。”“Obviously we think the people need both the device and the content, but different companies have different expertise and should focus on different things.“似乎,我们指出人们既必须设备,也必须内容,但有所不同的公司有有所不同的专长,理所当然致力于有所不同的事情。

”“We should definitely focus on the devices and co-operate with content and service providers to ensure that our customers have the best experience.”“我们当然应当致力于设备,并与内容和服务提供商合作,以保证我们的客户有最佳的体验。



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